Sensus Depth Sensor

Sensus Depth Sensor

Each drifting acoustic buoy has a depth sensor attached to the end of the hydrophone array. The Sensus Ultra depth senor, made by ReefNet, is a small device that can store up to 1500 hours of dive data. Depth is resolved to 0.5 inches of water with and accuracy of +/- 1 ft and temperature is resolved to 0.01 C with accuracy of +/- 0.8 C.

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Sensus Ultra Depth Sensor

Downloading & Converting Data

All data downloaded from the depth sensor must be cleaned and processed to recieve usable depths. Follow protocols here

Battery and Memory Status

The Sensus Ultra contains a permanent lithium cell battery. It is not rechargeable and normal voltage levels range between 3.2 - 3.6 V. Before deployments, the battery should be checked for any significant drop in voltage (anything more than 0.2 V) and should not be used if the voltage is under 3 V.

To check battery voltage, connect the sensor to a computer and open the Sensus Manager software. Click “Configure Device” and then “Read Device Information” to see the battery voltage.

The Sensus will automatically overwrite the oldest data as necessary to store new data. Depth data should be offloaded immediately after each deployment.