Sanctuary Permit

All planned buoy drifts deployed in or near a National Marine Sanctuary must be reported to the respective Sanctuary Staff no less than 7 days before deployment. Please send the following information to Kourtney Burger ( for permit reporting;

  • Planned date/time of deployment
  • Planned deployment coordinates
  • Sanctuaries the drift may pass through
  • Name and contact information for deployment chief scientist
  • Survey information (if applicable)

Protected Resources Permit

All marine mammal takes, must be recorded and reported under NOAA Protected Resources Permit #22306. For any fieldwork in which we expect an opportunity for a marine mammal ‘take’, we must: (1) have an accepted Co-Investigator prsent on the vessel with a printed copy of the permit, (2) provide written notification of any planned fieldwork at least two weeks prior to initiation of each field trip/season, and (3) record ‘takes’ according to this permit. For more information on this permit and our permit requirements, please contact Kourtney Burger (

Pre-Deployment Metadata

Prior to deployment, record the following information in Deployment Details spreadsheet

  • Fill in Status column (J) as ‘In Prep’
  • Array label (on yellow tag a top of array)
  • GPS ID
  • Date/Time
  • Expected latitude and longitude of deployment

Deployment Metadata

Immediately after the buoy has been deployed, record the following information and sent it to Kourtney Burger (;

  • Fill in Status column (J) as ‘Active’
  • Date/time
  • Updated location of the deployment (lat/lon)
  • Array ID

Retrieval Metadata

After the buoy has been successfully retrieved, record the following information and send it to Kourtney Burger (;

  • Fill in Status column (J) as ‘Complete’
  • Date/time
  • Location of the retrieval (lat/lon)
  • Any important notes (buoy sunk/not retrievable, recorder issues, etc.)